dealscomplimentary molten chocolate cake at chili's


@chefraz: Also, it's not cake batter in the middle. It's just chocolate. There's nothing unhealthy about it except for the fact that it's, you know, dessert.


@tanzmehr: I work at Chili's and this is exactly what we do. They come frozen in packages, we thaw them out each day and microwave right before we send them out. Kinda gross, yeah, but it's still delicious melted chocolate inside chocolate with more chocolate on top.


Of course, as we all know, what REALLY makes this a deal is that free food has NO CALORIES!!! In for one!


I know its free but will they deliver it to my desk?


@chefraz: These are probably made in a factory, frozen, then microwaved/reheated at Chili's. Since factory made foods are made in a different way than home-baked recipes, there probably is little risk for food-born illness. You will be OK to eat this. However, I wouldn't pay for expensive (and mediocre) restaurant food just for a free reheated dessert.


@sgruff: It's free in the sense that it does not cost anything if you buy it with something else, wherein it would normally cost $x.xx in addition to the something else.


just to add for safety reasons. I don't know how most of these are made, but most molten cakes are just filled with uncooked chocolate cake mix(the molten part) in the middle. so depending on how long it's set before eating, it could possibly get you sick. IMHO


I like eating chocolate .


if you're headed there anyway, then it's free since you don't spend a penny extra for it.
Can we please stop asking that ridiculous question?


It's not really 'free' if you have to buy something to get it, is it?