deals2000 premium quality 27mm 1" super bounce bouncy…


This would be a crazy fun gift for kids. But how to keep all those balls safely corralled?


My cat is drooling over this deal. must hide credit card
I am thinking that 2000 bouncy balls whacked under my fridge and stuck there would probably not be good for the fridge.
Not really wanting to buy a new one right now. If not for that........
This is an excellent find ! It's only a nickel a piece .


@ceagee: Might make it easier to move


@bluemaple: Isn't that part of the idea?


Call me a nattering worrier but this diameter ball is in the extreme choking hazard category. Believe it or not, anything that will fit in the paper tube of a toilet paper roll is a choking danger for a child. Add to that the bright colors that make it look like candy or a gumball and . . . I wouldn't give these to kids under 10.

Sorry to be a downer about this but choking is responsible for many child deaths and injuries every year.