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Just bought a shirt for 3.99. Code seems to apply two discounts. Yay!!


Yeah, the geek t-shirts are $3.99, but all the other shirts are $8.99 when you apply the code.

Subtotal: $12.99
Sales Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $1.99
Total before Discounts $14.98
Free Shipping (Free Shipping On Everything!) (-$1.99)
GEEKS UNITE Sale (All Geek Shirts 7.99) (-$5.00)
GEEKS UNITE Sale (All Other T-Shirts 8.99) (-$4.00)

Total: $3.99

It's an even better deal than the daily woot shirt!


I want to order, but I am afraid they will change the price after I order and not tell me before shipping the order out.


@teenracer6: Well, I doubt they'd go and charge an extra $3.00 from my Paypal account without authorization.


Score :-) Bought 2 shirts for $7.98 total. It does appear as though there are two discount codes being applied at check out on shirts recognized as "geek" shirts. I had a "co-exist" shirt in the cart that didn't seem to meet that definition, and it was only discounted once. Removing that shirt dropped my cart total from $13 to $8.

Great opportunity to get that C:\DOS\RUN shirt you've always wanted for 4 bucks.


I received the Coexist woot tee that their coexist tee is a ripoff of, for Christmas last year.


So apparently the second discount is the $4 one that isn't off off sale items... but it is... So I got another 2 shirts (including the coffee one) for $7... I just spent $27 on shirts...