deals10 foot lightning to usb cable for $8.00 + free…


I had no idea what "lightning" was, but reading the description I realized that it was yet another pointless proprietary connector for apple products. Why they don't simply use the USB standard is out of pure greed, and makes owning an apple mobile device of any kind a pain in the ass.


@sporkman165: Maybe because microUSB gets loose very easily, causing the plug to fall out all the time, and it's single-sided. I like having a connector that's the same size as microUSB but can be plugged in either way and doesn't get loose. It doesn't make it a pain in the ass. Pain in the ass is not having the same accessories or automotive integration available (like all of the non-iOS devices). I'll stick with my amazing accessories, app store, and smooth functionality, instead of complaining over a simple cable.