dealsspace camp poster for $0.00 + free shipping


Oooo @carl669, are we to old to go to space camp? :D


My kids loved Space Camp! (Both the movie and the experience.)


@dmaz: sadly, I worked on that turd. so ashamed. on the plus side, 2 months with Kate Capshaw didn't suck


@carl669: Nope, you're never too old for Space Camp!
I went about five years ago to the 6 day adult program (which is, sadly, no longer offered). It was a great time. the program had changed a lot since I had been there (when I was in high school), so it was neat to get to see and compare the differences (both good and bad). And I finally got to scuba dive! It was an amazing week and I recommend it for anyone with even a passing interest.


I live in the Huntsville area and have attended their tweetup. It was AWESOME! I also have a friend that currently works there. She LOVES the advanced courses (typically upper teens and older). Highly recommended. Also recommended is the parent/child camp. Loads of fun!