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Love the idea (since most of my DVD's are digitalized now, and we have the laptop connected to the TV to watch movies from my thumb drive nowadays). I wish they gave some more details on the product info page, however. Like does it come with that bulky WD software pre-installed, how exactly it connects (built-in wifi, or do you hook it up to your router somehow, etc), and so on and so forth. On the other hand, it doesn't really matter because I stopped trusting WD after they couldn't even keep their 1 TB drives functioning properly. I lost so much money on those that I'll never buy a WD drive again. Still, interesting concept for a household of multiple levels/family members.


@romeojn: I stopped trusting WD after they couldn't even keep their 1 TB drives functioning properly.



If you've ever researched drive makers, you'd know WD has far superior plants than Seagate or Hitachi, often the use of these devices is failure to read instructions or improper installation. I will buy WD products over any other manufacturer given the choice.


Ya, I'll take WD over competitors any day. Seagate and Hitachi drives generally have a 1 year manufacturer warranty versus WD's 2 - 5.


@romeojn - I've had a 1TB WD external HD for about 4 years already (back when the 1TB was over $300) and I've never had an issue with it. I hardly move it, keep it clean, and I always make sure that I've closed everything before disconnecting it.

Also, if you go through the pictures on amazon, you'll notice that the only port for My Book is an ethernet port. That enough should tell you that it's connected through the router.

Lastly, do you think that keeping all your important files in an external drive is better than keeping them in the computer? And that somehow you are better protected? If you need such good protection, why don't you buy a RAID NAS? or just buy two of these My Book and keep one backing up your items at home and another one backing up at a different location. Now, that's true back up.