dealssharp ht-sl72 200w 2.1-channel slim soundbar homeā€¦


Can anyone talk about this item? Seems like a no-brainer. I am a little curious about the frequency response.

The soundbar is described as a "Full-Range Speaker System" but I find that hard to believe given its dimensions. Does anyone know the frequency response for the subwoofer? and the soundbar?


it looks like the only 'audio in' is a 3.5mm jack. No optical, digital or HDMI


Midrange response is crap. You end up with very tinny bass. (I saw one in a AV store (Frys?))

Here is the page from Sharp

They don't mention frequencies.


i purchased one a few weeks ago for an small office at my work where we edit audio for webcasts. They are fantastic. I used the speaker setup/config becuase it is at a desk. The 3.5mm jack input was all we needed for this setup.

However, now I am purchasing one for my home and I plan on mounting it to the wall as a sound bar. It is 2.1 sound so 3.5mm is all that is needed. less wires less clutter