dealskitchenaid stand mixer tilt 5 qt ksm150ps all…


These things are great and should give you decades of use. I've been using the same one for 12+ years.


To be fair, they don't make them like they used to 12+ years ago.


Here's a better deal- still valid:

It's $249, and you'll get $25 off for creating an account, PLUS there's a $30 mail in rebate until 3/31. Net cost $194 for a NEW 425 HP mixer, not a refurb. Free shipping as well.

I already HAD an account on their site, so I sent myself an email link, signed up again with a new email, and got a $25 credit on my old account for referring a "new" customer.

P.S. - I'm a little suspicious of ebay deals on here...


@tcayer: I can understand why someone who cheats the way you do is distrustful of others.