dealsgas mask & hazard suit set for $18.99


Probably need this to check the mail.


I needed this when my dog stole and ate some raw broccoli.


I should but one just to walk around in the park. i wonder if anyone would call the cops?


@cudalyon: You know that there will always be that ONE person to make everyone one else panic by calling the police. But then again, I'd be a little paranoid if I saw someone walking around in one of these alone.


We did get some interesting looks during this photo shoot :)


There should be a ton of gas mask's hitting the market very soon now that the military has moved onto the new style. I got mine a few weeks ago and it's much better than the older style.


@casondra: At what number of people does it become less concerning? 1, concerning yes. 2, slightly concerning. 3 or 4, weird but not that concerning. 20, terrifying.


I'm in for a suit and an extra mask and a couple Biohazard bags and some Caution tape along with the Zombie Decals & Infestation Survival Bulletin.
Sounds like a party!