dealsmovie helmets t-shirt for $12.00


This is the first time I've been able to name all of these (unlike the robot shirt or the super hero shirt):

Iron Man, Black Knight
Boba Fett, Nazgul, Magneto
Rocketeer, Darth Vader, Predator
RoboCop, Tron, Power Ranger
Judge Dredd, Gladiator


Outgeeked here. Missed Nazgul.


Technically even though he is a Nazgul the helmet actually belongs to the Witch King of Angma. Good work on the Rocketeer one I could not figure that one out.


funny I was just looking up the judge dredd helmet a couple days ago.....


@au244: Thank you for confirming my geeky outburst at home alone.

Predator hung me up for a second. You see his face without the helmet, but not so much the helmet without his head.


@au244: You make me bad for naming all of them by name except for "Bad guy from Lord of the Rings" and feeling proud.