dealsstar wars walker pet costume for $19.89 + free…


Honey, where's the cat going with that grappling gun?


Ackbar the Gold Fish: "It's a Trap!"


George Lucas is an uncompromising artist. Ka-ching.


I obviously need to get a dog now.


@theendless: then start kickin..but beware...I know force choke your face :)


I wonder how this would look on my basset hounds.


im oddly glad that this is a real thing now.


Tempted to get one for my Great Pyrenees but I'm not sure if he will stand long enough to even get a picture of it on.


@spikedknight: Whoever. Whomever would be a direct object, while whoever would be the subject. Therefore you want the nominative form, whoever.


@theendless: Are you Johnny from Amazon? How many kids are put into suits for weddings and they aren't comfortable but we put them in it anyway. If it's not hurting anyone then you don't have to do it to your kid/anamal but you can't tell someone to not do it just because you don't like it.


@zapp brannigan: I'm not Johnny from Amazon, and I didn't tell anyone not to do it. My initial comment, which no one seemed to care for, was tongue in cheek. I was simply expressing my opinion, albeit in a particularly ineffective way, that it didn't look very nice for the dog, particularly the head piece that's covering his ears.

I also think there's a big difference between dressing up a kid who has the ability to comprehend what's going on, and the opposable thumbs to adjust what he's wearing, for a wedding, and putting a Star Wars costume on your dog who can do neither of those, just because you think it's funny.

Either way, I'll accept that I'm in the minority on this one, if that's the case (poor dogs)... I'll also accept that I suck at trying to be humorous (seriously, who targets one's teeth for kicking?), which is almost certainly case... but I think I'll still steer clear of cosplaying with my pets, regardless.


If you had a pet mouse, you could dress him up as General Veers.....


My dogs are members of the Rebel Alliance and would chew that into tiny AT-AT bits.


Too small. My Great Dane is about a Greyhound and a half big. The Greyhound in the photo must be tiny if he has only a 20" chest. The reviews are interesting. I wonder if it actually licensed merchandise.

I got my guy a rubber headless horseman saddle and rider last year as it's the only thing I thought would fit, and I still had to add a 12" extension to the girth. The horseman looks more like a spider monkey than a person on his back. I guess I just need to make him something. He likes to wear dress up collars and sweatshirts and the like, he knows it usually means he's going to get to go somewhere when he gets washed and brushed and dressed up in his best.


@maggiecain: Does the dog in that picture look comfortable to you? I guess I'm just not a fan of dressing up pets for my amusement...


Well, this coming from a cat person...
It is unfortunate that cats are picky about dressing them up.
So, I believe that instead of a cat costume, someone should make a Millennium Falcon cat house, a starwars walker & house scratching post, and a house of darth vadar's mask. You could even make these into dog houses.
This could be a great business...Hope someone's listening


How would you get that greyhound to walk slow enough for this to be realistic?


Not buying that it is officially licensed. Seems like a really crappy piece. It's a ripoff of an original idea too.


Whomever down-votes this should be banished to an un populated moon of Endor......


I'm pretty sure, if I saw any dog actually dressed in that, it would take everything I have to not kick the owner squarely in the teeth!