dealsstaples printable coupon: 20% off anything that…


just used this on an epson projector in-store and saved $80! but, not good on many other major electronics according to the details.


Well, it looks like the rules say the cashier will put in a code to comp the bag, so odds are you can't just pop in, grab a bag and say thanks.

On the other hand, it doesn't say that it DOESN'T work on the candy that they have. So print this out, get the bag, put candy in it and be everyone's best friend at work for the next couple weeks. Also, while it says no on the Keurig brewers, it doesn't say no on the K-cups.


@stile99 I work at Staples and we have this promotion annually. To clarify, you are right about Keurig. This coupon DOES work k-cups! I'll have to pick some up on my next shift now!


Will it work for an iTunes gift card?


@mdaby3: no GC or apple products, of course.


Says "chairs, furniture, and clearance items ARE included in this promotion." That bag must be BIG!


Does the 20% discount apply to all items in the bag or just one?


As fate would have it, turns out I woke up this morning not knowing it, but in need of a new network switch. B-) Yay 20% off!

Also, although the coupon says ink is included, it then says HP ink is NOT (because HP, while they make great printers, are a bunch of price-fixing bastards when it comes to the ink). However, when I arrived at my local Staples, a nice man let me know that HP ink is indeed included. Not sure if that is just my Staples or what, but if you need ink now would be the time to load up. He also mentioned that it stacks with their loyalty card (didn't even know they had one) which apparently is usually 10% off ink, so with this coupon would be 30%.


I used this today. I got HP Ink and some office supplies. Not only did the 20% work, but the store also gave me a free $15 Starbucks gift card for buying more than $76 in ink.


This got me a new gps with lifetime map updates for not much more than the price of a one-time map update for my old one (Nuvi 40LM was on sale for $82.49 on line, the store price matched plus gave me the 20% bag discount for a net of $65.99 plus tax). The new unit also speaks the street names, which the old one did not.