dealsroundtrip flights around the u.s. from $80


Any reasons for the downvoting? it's odd to see a negative number this large and no comments...


Travel Zoo is known for their hidden fees, blackout dates, and misleading advertising.


@runwilder: People 'round here seem to hate Travelzoo...


I've had nothing but good experiences with Travel Zoo over several years of being a member. They come up with some pretty awesome deals and aren't going to have "hidden fees" because they don't charge you a penny. They are an advertiser for other companies. You get 1 email a week with a list of deals.


@colbytitus: problem is that they don't mind forwarding ads that have omitted that important information.


@colbytitus: Do they sponsor you too? :-)

I fly a lot and have checked Travel Zoo when I was planning a flight many times and have yet to find anything that turns out to be a deal. They'll advertise a great deal, but once I actually get into the details of it it has always turned out to be much more expensive than they advertised. Every single time. When I unsubscribed from the mailing list after finally giving up on them, I continued to receive emails after multiple unsubscribe requests and eventually had to start tagging them as spam in Gmail. This was a few years back, and my local airport is known for being a tough one to find any deals, so YMMV.


There are never any decent fairs for where I want to go. Washington to indianapolis/kentucky/cincinati are always outrageously high. I have yet to see one 80 dollar deal that works for me.


This gets a downvote for me because there's no specifics, you're teased with a great price, but it doesn't even say origin/destination, and when you go to the site itself, there's not directions on how to get the supposedly 80% discounted fare. I looked at a few points that I'm interested in and found that the price is pretty much in line with what I expect or could get going to the carriers directly. In fact, the deal advertised on their site for SF to NY I can get cheaper by going to (i's a bit embarassing to have United beat your pricing.)


Only the LA to Vegas flight is 80 bucks, travel zoo is lame, anyway never buy from them