dealsstainless steel eyebrow tweezers for $0.49 + freeā€¦


tweezers, lantern and flashlight for $3.97 shipped. not bad...


Free Shipping on Meritline is only good the first time you order something from them, unless you spoof a new name/address for each order.


@zippy the pinhead: on all three of my deals you have posted this misinformation. Others have responded as well as I will that it is not true.

i combined 3 DIFFERENT things this morning with one coupon

the lantern, the flashlight, and the tweezers.

After you start the checkout process, it defaults to the 1.99 expedited shipping, but you can change it to free shipping on the same page.

I check 99% of the deals I post, all the way to checkout before I post to ensure it works and is a quality post