deals20 la perla habana cigars for $25.00 + shipping


These are pretty decent cigars, Ci has them in their bundles sometimes. $5.50 shipping a good deal imho ymmv


seems like a decent enough deal, can't get these locally for cheaper.


Why all the down votes if it's a decent cigar at a decent price?


Let’s review the tragic losses the world has suffered from cigar smokers dying so young from smoking cigars.

1. Winston Churchill – 91 – 8-10 cigars per day
2. George Burns – 100 – 10-15 cigars per day
3. Mark Twain – 74– at least 22 cigars per day
4. Milton Berle – 93
5. Red Auerbach – 89
6. Groucho Marx – 86
7. Sigmund Freud – 83
8. Howard Cosell – 77
9. Orson Welles – 70
10. Charlie Chaplin – 88
11. Edward G. Robinson – 79
12. Dizzy Gillespie – 77
13. Peter Falk – 83
14. Thomas Edison – 84
15. Alfred Hitchcock – 80
16. Bill Cosby – 75 and counting
17. David Letterman – 66 and counting – 20 per day at one time

So, there you have it, positive proof that smoking cigars is . . . bad???


It's only a decent cigar, but the price is good. If you are looking to "fill" your humidor, you could do a lot worse.

Good deal, get's my upvote.


I'll add to the chorus of "good deal" chants. A tad over a buck a stick is a great value.


Most likely a good majority of the down votes are coming from those that auto vote the last of the sponsored deals down. Once people see a few down votes they just auto click down without even looking.

That said. These smokes are good, not great, at a good price. CI sells boxes of these for $59.95. Now that is the box price. Not a mazo. Boxes almost always go for a little more just because of the box.


I've bought these on sale in the past and they aren't bad. I usually grab a smoke after work when I walk the dog, and these work great for that.


I'm with everyone else, these cigars are $6.50 - 7.50 a piece in local cigar shops and about $3.50 online.

This is not a bad deal at all, if my humidor wasn't already filled with a batch of 2nds I picked up, I would be on this.

Actually, I am going to buy this. I'd rather I have way too many cigars and support a good deal hoping they continue to offer deals in the future.


Buy a couple bundles and let them age for 5 plus years / they may become something to talk about in 2019.