deals3 piece aluminum nozzle set- craftsman for $6.74


A set for only $6.74. Seems a good price. Thank you.


Ours just broke last night...perfecting timing. Thanks.


Well, I need to pay more attention!!! Price says $11.69 now, oh well.

I bought the pro version last time it was on for $4.49, the larger one shown, and it's without a doubt the best I've ever used-----and not many days have passed that I didn't use it. Still works as well tonite as it did when new.

I know it's a strange thing to comment on, but I've had several friends and family say "wow, where can I get one of those"?


$12.99 here also. Is there supposed to be a coupon code or anything to get it to the OP's price?


@wolfsmane: I was $6.74 (no code required). Looks like it expired.