dealsrolling stone magazine 1yr subscription for $3.99…


Wonder what they think of Newsweek folding this year? RS might be the last old-school journalism magazine left.


Rolling Stone is garbage, just like Newsweek. Way too liberal!


For this price, I don't care if I don't have time to read this. I just like things delivered to my house.


@compoundbreak791: If I could give this 1000 upvotes, I would. I feel the same. I'm in college, and it is nice to have mail in your slot when 95% of everyone else doesn't.


$.15 per issue, Wish I could mail things that cheaply.


@samjung23: You nailed it on the head, way too liberal! Too bad, could otherwise be a decent mag.


.15 per issue? Outrageous! I get RS free from my local library delivered digitally via Zinio. Hard to beat free...


But it's 39.99 not 3.99 what am I missing a code perhaps? Has anyone actually tried to order it at this price?


It's valid, just ordered 3 years at the discount rate of 3.99 + tax. Just be sure to enter and apply the coupon code: woot


In for one year because if I don't like it, I can pass the sub off to someone who will and not feel bad for being out $4. If I do like it, RS goes on sale like this so often, I know it will be back up at $4 again in a year (IF it is still being published).


My subscription just lapsed, and I'm so pumped to find this. In for 3