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Well that's a bit misleading: "Complete First Series" ? Huh... then I read further and noted "revived".

I was lucky enough to have seen the original series in the late '70s and '80s check these links out for more info:

Now if you find deals on those oldies. I might buy it for nostalgia sake.


I hope you don't feel I was trying to mislead you.
Like it or not, the revived series starts with the 2005 season. That's the way the BBC has marketed it.

Check out the WBshop website- many of the "Classic" Who stories are on sale, and you can get some for as low as $10.|British+Programming|TV|Foreign|Television|Sci-Fi%2FFantasy&pp=192&page=all&sortby=priceAscend


@jcharpentier: I thought nothing like that. I didn't mean to imply such. I understand that is the way it is marketed.

Since the post I see that most of the episodes are also on youtube. Thanks for put this up and reminding me of a much-liked show.


Many of the classics and all of the new ones are free on Amazon Prime as well.
But I like to have the shiny plastic circles...


This series is FANTASTIC!


Very cool. Thanks a bunch! Just picked up the David Tennant collection a few weeks back from Amazon for $69.99. I'm determined to get the whole new series without paying the inflated prices most of the BBC discs usually cost. You can't charge $70 for a series that consists of 14 episodes when I get 23 hour long episodes of some other great series like Fringe for $40 on Blu-Ray. I love the Doctor but not that much.


The free shipping is gone, but this is still a pretty good deal at $25 shipped. (19.99+5.00 shipping)

Note you can also get free shipping if you spend $50 or more on the site. It seems like all of their Who DVDs are on sale, and you can pick up many "Classic Who" stories for $10.50 or less.