dealslarge vintage rucksacks for $15.00


Has anyone ever bought anything from this site? Any info on shipping times, etc?


I actually bought this bag last time it was offered when it was $10. Shipping was very quick. I ordered it late on 10/31, and it was shipped out before noon on 11/1. I wouldn't hesitate to order from these folks again. The bag is great, as well. Plenty of room for two or three pairs of jeans/pants, several shirts, my shaving kit, and my tablet.


Big 20"x13"7" size? Only 2 dimensions? What are they shipping? A bag or a picture of a bag?


@iguana71: 13"7" seems like an odd way to post a measurement. Do you think it accounts for the frame?

< /sarcasm >


Doh! Thanks for catching our bonehead mistake, seems we lost an "x" somewhere along the way. The dimensions should be 20"x13"x7". Thanks!


@iguana71: Thanks for the negs for ID'ing an error and having it cleared up by the merchant! It reinforces and reminds me why I no longer bother to post deals here and just take, take take. I'm like a liberal/ progressive of the deal world. Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie...I'm entitled to ALL your efforts...LOL


@iguana71: I support you. There are some negative nancy's on here.