dealsocz agility 3 agt3-25sat3-240g 2.5" 240gb sata…


$174.99 plus a $25 mail-in rebate.

If you had been looking a couple of weeks ago, you could have snagged it for $139.99 after MIR.


These are a gamble, my first one was DOA but the second one works well. It reduces startup time and programs load almost instantly.


I just got this same HDD to replace my 7200rpm in my Alienware M11x Laptop. My girlfriend and I both have older Agility 2's in our desktops that are still working great. So far this Agility 3 is a dream! I'm not even mad I should have waited a couple days to get this sweet deal (as I paid $170 shipped a few days ago with no rebate).