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I said it before, I'll say it again. This is great! Now get ME1, play both games and get your character prepared for ME3, arriving March 6 (yes, I have the date marked, it's going to be a momentous day).


YES! I've been waiting for it to get to 5 bucks. I already have the ME3 demo but I don't want to play it before ME2. D: I was just looking at the price last night, too...

Also, the Digital Deluxe is only 2.49 bucks more. I'm going to post a separate deal on that, methinks. It's $29.99 everywhere else.


Hmm, it appears as though the Digital Deluxe edition is the same exact link, and I don't want to double post it. Hopefully people read the comments and notice that it's also on sale...

ETA: I'll give it a shot, anyway. If it counts as a double post, then the mods can delete it.

ETA Part 2: Someone did that already, too. Go to this deal and up-vote it if you see this so more can see that deal as well -


Mass Effect 1 and 2 were so good. Play them if you haven't already!


I'm not an RPG gamer (prefer shooters and platformers), but I've heard such great things about this game. I've played Deus Ex and didn't love it. Should I give this one a shot? Or stay away?


Mass Effect is very heavily story based. There are plenty elements of typical shooter games, though it's all over-the-shoulder third person style. There are action scenes, but the focus is on making decisions that will impact the later parts of the game, and the sequels. They designed it from the start to have your decisions carry forward into the entire trilogy, from romanceable characters to whether your reputation is good, evil, or neutral.

If you get 2 without playing 1, some choices will be made for you, by default. A lot of details may make less sense than they otherwise would. For example, some characters from 1 will be either alive or dead, and their presence or absence has an impact on the events of ME2.


@rayinte: @rayinte: ME1 is also on sale at Amazon for 5 bucks.

@wootbretz: I wish, but I don't think so. I'm pretty sure ME3 will not be available on Steam, either, so keep that in mind.


@greciandelight: EA is no longer putting their games on steam. You can however register both of these on Origin (EA's version of steam)


@acraigl: Probably not. There are a lot of similarities in style between Deus Ex and the ME series. I do admit to being frustrated more often Deus Ex on certain missions that I didn't find I was on either ME 1 or ME2.

That being said, the ME series is probably my all time favorite. I was playing Dragon Age and I think EA/BioWare felt guilty for DAII and gave a free copy of ME2 with it. So I tried ME2, loved it bought ME1 played both all the way through, my wife bought both ME1 & ME2 and is working her way through 2. And I'm trying to decided if I want to play another class all they way through before ME3 hits.

I do enjoy classical shooters too - Have all the CoD games, Gears of War, etc. ME satisfied that need to shoot someone itch pretty much that same way a shooter does. In other words, I'm hooked.