deals2400 microsoft points for xbox live & 400 freeā€¦


The 400 points with purchase of 1600 points is the best deal, of course. It looks like this is in-store pickup only, though.

EDIT: Available at my nearest store, at least. In for one!


Just bought 2 of the 2400 points online w/ free shipping. This isn't a deal of in "store only".


Sweet! I just got a free $10 Rewards certificate from BB in my email today.
Picked up 2800 points for $19.97.

Ordered online for in-store pickup.


=/ I just bought this pack from them the other day. Think they'll honor it?


@deadtek: I bought the 1600 plus 400 card. That one was in-store pickup only. The others might have had free shipping, but this one was the better deal ($25 dollars worth for $20, which is a 20% savings). The 2000 plus 400 is about 17% off, 2400 plus 400 is about 14% off, etc...


@wastedlife: That makes sense in a way, if you're looking for the most efficient way to save. You could essentially pick up 2x 1600s and get more points back. Instead of putting out 2400 for just 400 free, you can get 3200 and get 800 free. I guess it depends on if you want to spend a bit more to get more back.