dealsroku hd player for $69.99


Normally the XR is ~$100 so $69 is a good deal (XR for HD price) and I can see why it sold out in no time.

This is the HD (one model down from the XR) and 69 is the standard price.
see here...


Shipping in 2-4 weeks...hope you wouldn't need it anytime soon.


Too bad I don't have broadband available to use this.


As mentioned above, this is the HD not the HD-XR model. The 69.99 price is the standard price for the HD model so you won't be getting a deal at that price.


"Usually ships in 2-4 weeks"

Meaning, Amazon is out of stock as well. They just never tell you they are.


Is the "extended range" really worth $30?

Also, is the HD 720P? I see the XR says the future update will make it play 1080.


You can get the $69.99 Roku HD directly at Roku's website. The cost of shipping might be the same, but it's the same product for the same price.

For those asking if they should upgrade to the XR model, you should ask yourself if you plan on taking advantage of the wireless N feature and the soon-to-be-released 1080p feature. Since I have a wireless G router and a 720p TV, it was an easy decision to forego the XR and just get the HD. By the time I upgrade my TV and/or router, all of these devices will be a lot cheaper and it won't even matter.


I have the original roku which is now called the roku hd. I have used it all over my house over wireless and it works fine. I don't think the extended range is worth the extra $30 unless you have a huge house or something.


This is the normal price for the HD, and not the XR.

I've got the $99 HD-XR. My decision was easy, as once I paid the $99.99 for the Roku I got rid of cable, which makes the box pay for itself in 2 months.

I got the XR because I do have an N router and a 1080p tv, so I look forward to that update. The speed has never been a problem, even if I download torrents while watching, and the image is top quality 95% of the time, rarely dropping. I would suggest paying a little extra to get the best version.


I use this with my netflix account "awesome" I dropped cable and pay $8.95 a month for Netflix. I have DSL speeds and the picture comes in great.