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Might be worth noting that Newegg has the 8gb for $5 more right now.


I'm puzzled by the photo. This is definitely NOT the original Clip (which had a round control button). I think it is also NOT the newer Clip plus, which had a square control button.

The model pictured on TigerDirect has a smaller rectangular control button,, plus a tiny "back arrow" button. In fact, I believe this is a Clip Zip. If so, it also takes a micro SD card, although that's not mentioned in the TigerDirect description.

Note that the description also says "internet access." As far as I can determine, NONE of the Clips can directly access the internet. No ethernet, no Wi-Fi. Perhaps they mean you can play files that you downloaded from the internet, using your PC. But if they claim this Clip can directly access the internet on its own, then this is a Clip that I cannot find listed anywhere else! Don't get your hopes up about that supposed feature... or else phone TigerDirect and clarify exactly what they're selling.


I'm looking at my clip-zip right now. I can't find any internet accessibility but I did check Sansa's website and maybe this is what they mean:
"...The player has also been optimized for use with Rhapsody® and comes with a free Rhapsody Music trial offer**Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid in U.S. only....."

This Tiger Direct is refurbed but don't let that scare you. They work great and I just noticed mine has some pod-casts down loaded on it... Car Talk and some science programs from NPR, LOL.

Mine is a refurb from "Meritline" and I think it was $22 & free shipping. If you really like a lot of music and stuff on your Sansa I'd go for the 8gb if possible. I know you can use a card but on my "clip+", a larger card 8 would slow down the unit between songs. Using a 2 or 4 gb worked just fine and keeps dust out of the slot too.


searching that model number (SDMX22-004G) finds the Clip Zip at the Sansa website:

in the specifications - requirements - this is listed, "internet access for downloading" so I would not presume that the Clip Zip has internet capability, per se, rather that internet service is required to download songs in order to play them on the Clip Zip (no ripping software included?) So, if they were being totally honest, a computer would be a requirement, also, I guess....

I would find it hard to believe that the device itself is capable of accessing the internet


any idea what the shipping is? The 8 gb is tempting...


@bobthenormal and @populuxe

the Clip 8GB at Newegg is the Clip + (plus) at a refurbished priced at $34.99 ($5 rebate gets it to 29.99) and free shipping

the Clip + (plus) is a decent MP3 player - The Clip + (plus) has an OLED monochrome screen, though, where the Clip Zip is a full color screen, in case you like seeing your album art on screen...


It's the Clip Zip and I just happened to do a bit of research on the Zip and Clip+ and a good amount of people liked the slightly older Clip+ more for the sake of functionality, which is likely why anyone buys a Sansa in the first place over an iPod.

I just bought a 4GB Clip+ from Amazon new for $29.99, which is replacing a 4th gen iPod Nano with a dying battery. Apple wants about $90 on their site to replace the battery by sending it in and in-store they quoted me $140. I just want to play some freakin' MP3s while I work out or in the car, and there's no way I'll 'upgrade' to a full touch screen Nano with no tactile bye bye Apple.

The main complaint I saw about the Zip is that the screen while playing just lists a progress bar and the album art with no running time information. There were some others but I can't remember them. Just google Sansa Zip vs Clip+.


@populuxe: " I know you can use a card but on my "clip+", a larger card 8 would slow down the unit between songs."

Never noticed any longer time lag between internal or external memory play between songs! Maybe your battery was low when you thought you noticed a lag? Also I use a class 4 16 Gig external card.Soon to upgrade to a 32 Gig card class 10, waiting to buy the new 32 gig card at $15