dealsplanet earth: the complete bbc series [blu-ray…


Sorry to be that guy, but I just bought this series for $15 (after shipping) about a week and a half to two weeks ago. This Blu-Ray set has been on sale for $20 frequently (sometimes with free shipping). This is not a good deal.


Interesting. Amazon themselves actually have this for $19.99 with free Prime/Super-Saver shipping available, but they appear to be out of stock at the moment. If you don't mind waiting for 1-3 weeks, you can still buy this Blu-Ray set for $19.99 from Amazon. You might also find it slightly cheaper (and get it a bit sooner) if you don't mind getting a used copy on there. The $35.99 price is coming from a 3rd party seller. I definitely wouldn't pay that much for the set considering the other options.