deals4” glow sticks – assorted colors – 24 count (new…


They should still work 1 year from now.


Did a google on the shelf life and learnt some fun facts.

Shelf life of a glow stick is 1 to 4 years. (don't know how old these particular ones have been on the shelf) Their shelf-life can be extended by keeping them cool and foil wrapped. (these are foil wrapped).

They glow more in warmer weather- but glow for longer in cooler weather.

You can take ones that have stopped glowing- drop them in boiling water and they will come back to life glowing again (for a while at least).

You probably don't care about those last two facts- but I thought they were fun factoids.


Just in time for Phish NYE 2012!


Bad for the environment, wooters!


Last time these were offered someone suggested using them on your Christmas tree as ornaments.


@archiestone: But they are already made. So if we don't buy them they will be even more harmful to the environment by being a waste of material and space.

So I would suggest they we should buy them all so they are SOLD OUT making the unavailable and suggest that the company not make anymore.


^ Agreed. You show that company who's boss and buy up all those glow sticks!


If you are finished with them for the night, throw them in the freezer and you can use them the next night, too.


@seahokedrama: I will have to try the boiling water trick -- never heard that one. Thanks!


Shipping says too late for XMas. Hopefully in time for NYE.


unce, unce, unce, unce, unce, unce, unce...


Break em open and splatter them all over your body.

Great for freaking your freinds out (radioactive zombie time)

Disclaimer : contact with skin may be harmfull


I bought theses when they were offered before Holloween. They were definitely a favorite among my kids and the trick-or-treaters. I'm in for three more.


Had gotten some of these from Woot before Halloween, they were an absolute HIT with both the trick or treaters AND their parents (some adding to safety thing, go figure).


Looks like lots of glowing comments.


OMG at first I thought my girlfriend was pregnant. Turns out she was just wearing too many glow sticks.


I got three boxes. I can only blame getting caught up in pre-Christmas impulse shopping, but I'm finding glow sticks and their red strings everywhere.


Excess glowsticks? An idea, courtesy of my teenage son:

Activate them, cut them open, turn out the lights, then dribble the glowing liquid all over your Christmas tree.

If you inexplicably purchased three boxes of these too, have a gob left over, and are about to take down your Christmas tree anyway, please try this and post photos. He's dying to know if it looks as cool as he thinks it will, but I won't let him try it (we had a fake tree this year and I don't want it perma-stained).


I bought 3 boxes of these from Woot just before Halloween time. The kids loved them, but I was extremely disappointed with how long they lasted. These may be really really old or something. I put them in the freezer as soon as I got them (after opening several to play with them, of course), so I believe I'm storing them properly. They glowed really brightly for about 5 - 10 minutes, then got so dim they were barely noticeable for the next 1-2 hours. They were not nearly as effective as I hoped as a safety device to make the kids more visible to cars. I would have been better off putting glow in the dark watches on them. After 1-2 hours the glow was gone. I suppose you get what you pay for. We still got $5 worth of enjoyment out of them though.