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what a great price!
in for....wait...
does that say puerto rico?
who the hell vacations in puerto rico?


My wife and I definitely wanted to vacation in Puerto Rico. We lived there for a year and know exactly what we do and don't want to do. The Puerto Rico presented by the vacation packages ain't so hot but there are some great places to go and things to do there if you know what is what. Trying to live and work there was a drag but as a spot to spend your leisure time it can be awesome.


why would you want to visit welfare island? travel to Massachusetts and visit a public pool


I have been to Puerto Rico many times, It is a wonderful place to go on a vacation as long as you stay on hotel grounds. Drinks, pool, beach, rum, and gambling.


@snutch2thenutch: Why would you pay to go somewhere and then have to stay on hotel grounds?


We've stayed at this hotel twice. It is very nice. It is right on the water, plus it has a nice pool. The food was decent. The overpriced specialty restaurant has an amazing lava cake dessert. We spend $20 to take a cab to the old San Juan. Mofongo is my favorite Puerto Rican dish. Punto De Vista Restaurant is tasty. If you head down when there is a new moon, check out a bioluminescence trip. Amazing!


@starblind: Cause sometimes you just want to lay in the sun and hang out in a hot tub for a weekend.


Puerto Rico is great. Definitely get a rental car and tour the island. Go to the rainforest, Old San Juan, Aricebo dish, and the caverns. We stayed in Rio Grande at Rio Del Mar and it was great.