dealsbatman begins [blu-ray]: christian bale, michael…


Say My cocaine out loud and you will say Michael Caine's name in his own voice. :)


7 year old movies are cheap on Blu-ray??? What the what!?!?


@chipmunkofdoom2: I just got it a couple of weeks ago and am really looking forward to the Anamatrix disc. I've never seen any of that content and it looks pretty awesome.



The Ultimate Matrix box set is a great buy at $25. Even if the 1st is your favorite and the last 2 are kind of meh, The Anamatrix and all the extra footage make it worth it.


$7.99 at

The shipping is $5, but if you spend $50 it's free shipping. Shouldn't be hard to spend $50. They have The Dark Knight for $7.99 and the Ultimate Matrix box set for $25.49.