dealsasus google nexus 7 internet tablet - android 4.1…


Important part of the deal...32GB.


Got really excited until I saw the word "rebate". Just not that patient, I guess...


I got a brand new one 32gig for $240 on Ebay not too long ago


Normall I'm all for refurbs, but I wouldn't do it in this instance.

It's actually 229.99 up front, then hope/pray for your rebate, taking it down to the 199.99 mark.

The thing that somewhat makes me weary, is that Tiger shows it having the full 1 year warranty, where as I haven't seen that on any other refurb Nexus 7's. Usually it's only 90 days.

I'd definitely do some research to make sure the MIR would be worth it.

EDIT : Did more reading on the page, and it looks like Tiger's standing behind the 1 year warranty. Assuming you get the MIR, this is a good buy.


@realgeorgew: Darn nice if the refurb is like-new. I've never had a problem with getting a Tiger rebate.


I just got a refurb 32GB one from here, and it looks and performs like new. I am very happy with it, and I'll have to see how the rebate goes. :)


Can you upgrade this to Jellybean 4.2, anyone know? Or might it update itself?