dealsshun classic 4pc block set new) for $299.99 + $5…


Unlike most of the Shun knife sets sold by Woot, these are all useful. I've got the 10" chef's knife and use it every day.


[url=]These[/url] look more useful for the same price, minus the block. Who buys expensive knives for the block anyway.


The Damascus steel design is pretty cool, but I'm pretty sure that the modern look is just for aesthetics and not an actual part of the manufacturing, right? It looks great, though; really cool way to help distinguish your knives.


@kanbo: In theory the cladding provides stain and damage resistance for the VG10 steel that's only exposed at the edge, but it doesn't have to be this fancy, so, yes, it's mostly for show.

It does look nice.

vote-for1vote-against just had a shun deal that seems much better than this one...included all the essentials for someone purchasing their first knife set (that would be me!)...


@iwantsomewine: I can't even imagine what somebody would use that middle knife for. "Ultimate Utility" certainly doesn't come to mind >__>


@iwantsomewine: I don't think it was a better deal at all.

While I concede that some people may prefer a santoku to the XL chef's knife of this deal, I think most people would find a carving knife and a bread knife much more useful than that weird utility knife and that weird paring knife.


as far as i'm concerned you're paying for the XL chef's knife and bread knife for $300...that 9 inch slicing knife is unnecessary when you have a chef's knife...

as for the ultimate utility knife you seem so averse to, the reviews are excellent...

a la carte, just going by #s it's clear which is the better deal...the 3 piece knife set i was referring to isn't even the same price, it was a whole $100 cheaper at $199.99...