dealswet & dry nose ear hair trimmer for $4.85


This would be great for my wet nose hairs. These allergies really give a runny nose in the morning.


I assume "wet" refers to the shaving method. Spraying shaving foam up your nose takes a while to get used to.


medically speaking, trimming nose hairs in your nose isn't a good idea. nose hair has a purpose: besides keeping small flying insects OUT OF YOUR LUNGS, they cause turbulence, helping the nose filter germs, dirt and dust before it gets into your throat or lungs.

you know those vacuum cleaners that swirl the dirt out of the air they suck in? your nose has bones called "turbinates" (think "turbine") that spin the air causing particulates to stick to your nose lining, if you haven't dried it too much with decongestants.

i agree that hair coming waaay out of your nose looks bad. but if it's getting too long, just grab it with your fingers, and cut it back a little with scissors (carefully). sadly, as men age, our hair leaves the top of our heads and ends up in our ears and nose, but that's the way it goes.

seriously - don't trim nose hair too short. and be careful with decongestant spray and pills - they can make you sick. i've been an MD 40 yrs: TMOT (trust me on this).