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Note that this is a keyboard/case specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" tablet. Yes it can be used with other tables by propping them up on the stand, but you would not be able to actually close it and use it as intended.

Also, the model Number given (920-003726) is nowhere to be found on Logitech's website or support site.


Can anyone remark (well I mean confirm) on whether or not this will work with a Motorola Xoom, the dimensions seem similar.


Does anyone know if this will work with an iPhone 4?


Before ordering you may want to google 1saleaday scam. Remember if it's too good to be true . . . Surprised Woot! is letting this be posted. Thunderthighs where are you when we need you?


i have gotten a few things from 1sale aday and have no problems


Have gotten several things also. Never an issue.
Shipping used to be a bit slow at first, but last few purchases have been standard, meaning not Amazon-fast, but not Chinese-company-on-eBay-slow either.
I even bought their mystery photo bundle a few weeks ago for 200 bucks... sold the cam and memory card within a couple days and broke even, keeping the rest of the stuff at no cost (other than my time).



I've ordered from 1saleaday jsut shy of 20 times and never had a problem, other than items occasionally taking more than three weeks to get to me, though I've also had items delivered from them in less than 18 hours. I'd say they are no worse than any other deals site and better than many of them.


A Galaxy Tab 10.1 is 256.7 mm (10.11 in) x 175.3 mm (6.90 in) x 8.6 mm (0.34 in)

My Acer Iconia A500 is 260 mm (10.24 in) x 177 mm (6.97 in) x 13.3 mm (0.52 in)

So this case is a wee bit too small for my A500, at least on paper, but then I don't need a case and probably don't need the stand.

I may go for it in the morning... I'll sleep on it and see how I feel about it in the morning.


I also have bought several things from 1saleaday and never had a problem, I so rarely find galaxy tab 10.1 accessories I feel compelled to buy this, plus I did find this on the logitech site, so quit your bitchin its $14.


Can this be used with the Sony S tablet I got from Woot a few weeks ago?


@acarolinensis: is legit. Don't worry about it, I've ordered from there a bunch of times, actually more than 20 items I've bought already. It's legit.


Ordered many times from 1sale,other than slow shipping never a problem,so I will order again from them if I see something I like..


I have had nothing but problems from 1saleaday. Used items are marketed as refurbished. Zero customer service. Never received items and forget returning an item. Look at their record with Consumerist and the Better Business Bureau.

Some of their prices look attractive but it is not worth dealing with them. Beware of 1saleaday


I have ordered from them a few times with no issues.


Bottom line people, every deal a day site will have at least a disgruntled 2 to 3 percent that will be dissatisfied with some part of a transaction. I imagine that even heaven forbid Woot does. I'm not saying that there aren't some scam sites out there, but when you are dealing with products that got to a deal site because of an excess supply and being bought over the internet by people thousands of miles and multiple time zones away some people are not going to being fully satisfied. Don't go buying a high dollar ticket item from a site first time out. If it gets to you as expected more than likely it's safe to buy something nicer. If you aren't happy move on and try the next one.


I've also ordered from here about 10 - 15 times and had no problem. I got a refurb wireless headset (turtlebeach), beef jerky, a toy chopper, a tablet and dish set (off the top of my head). All were shipped in good time. No probelms with my items.


I'll agree with what 90% of the comments are saying. I've ordered a 10-15 items with 1saleaday and never had any problems minus long shipping. Once I accidently had them send something to my previous address and it took about 3 months to get my 5 HDMI cables since I couldn't contact anyone, but besides that, they've been alright.

I highly doubt this will fit your S-tablet given the shape of it. Maybe fit your xoom. If you wanna take a risk, it's 20$ after shipping. If you don't wanna risk it, try to find a bluetooth keyboard for that price anywhere else. Count me in!


@acarolinensis: There are items posted from this site EVERY DAY. Why would you be surprised that this is allowed?
I see that I am not the only one that orders from 1saleaday on a regular basis. I have had no more people with them than anyone else. The company is legitimate.


Does anyone know if this will fit and work with the 10.1" Galaxy Tab 2?


Am I missing something? There are multiple references to the standard BT range of 30 feet, yet wouldn't a user only put a tablet into the slot directly built within this keyboard?



A Galaxy Tab 2 appears to be 256.7 x 175.3 x 9.7, so the only difference between it and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 would be the thickness (9.7 mm vs. 8.6 mm).

I'm guessing it would work, but have no experience with it.


In for two! Only thing that sucks is they add the shipping per each item. (shipping speed varies with each order) I like it better when its a flash item and shipped free. But this is a great deal and I will be able to sell one for the price of both :)


@markucsb: Must have sold out at that price - now says they are $99 and SOLD OUT!?

Reviews are 2.5 / 3 stars (most bad stars are for poor shipping) but some complain that there are issues with poor connectivity with the keys especially the space bar where there are only certain areas that really work???

No mention of it being mac compatible so no go for me... too bad.