dealscomputer rearview mirror for $2.99


Brilliant! Where were these years ago when I needed one?? My sister & I would use the old AOL cds we'd get in the mail and stick those to the corner of our monitors when we worked for The Man in the Land of the Cubicle.


I got one of these a few months ago from meritline for this price.

The following is very, very, very important for anyone who buys these:

It is not at all obvious when you examine it, but it comes with a thin layer of plastic covering the mirror.

There's no mention of this in the packaging or on their website. And the plastic is tucked into the bezel that comes out to hold the mirror in place.

The result is that when you first open the thing, it looks like complete crap, like something that can only barely be called a mirror at all, like something worse than a plastic play-mirror for a baby.

You pretty much have to take the thing apart to get to the edges of the plastic to remove it since there's no "pull tab" accessible.

But once you do that, it's just dandy. I have one on the corner of my LCD at work right now.


True. Very handy. I need to replace my "blind spot mirror" with something a little better-placed and adjustable.


@anotherhiggins: They must have had complaints because now there's a note on the website. (Note: Please remove scratch protection film from surface of mirror before use.)


Yep, I just picked one up and it gives this warning:

(Note: Please remove scratch protection film from surface of mirror before use.)


Use one in my a couple extras for future monitors, as the adhesive doesn't transfer well....especially after sticking to the monitor for all that time.


Im confused, when would you need to use this. i think I am just confused on what this product is. can someone explain it to me please?


I like how the mirrors cost more if you buy the two pack. $2.99 for one, or $6.99 for two!


WARNING: Bosses in mirror are closer than they appear.


@da1bearsfan: You stick it on the corner of your monitor so you can see if someone walks up behind you. If you face a wall/corner in your cubicle/office, and especially if you wear headphones while you work, this can help you notice when someone approaches from behind wanting your attention.

I've never used one myself, but I had a few coworkers who needed them.


Aaah. Just get one of those sticky bike mirrors.


Better yet, get an air gun, tranq' your boss, put a GPS sending unit right behind the ear (like in a deer), then just have a little window open to tell you where the boss is at any given moment. Works with nosy fellow employees too.