dealsmikasa darkest night stemware set for $35.00


Morticia and Gomez adore this set for everyday use, although they do prefer lead crystal when serving guests for dinner.

The guests just taste better that way.



not for me. seeing the color of my wine is about as important as the bouquet and taste.


These are great for blind tastings. X-posting in the wine.woot forums.


Morticia and Gomez may love em, but they're no good when Cousin It is shedding.


@drgadget: Please, it is Itt with two 't's. You know how sensitive Itt is. And there must be some thing around to help with Itt's grooming.


@kylemittskus: I was in agreement with xochiluvr, but I hadn't thought about blind tastings. Does this mean I can dispense with the usual blindfolds?


@rpstrong: blindfolds are still fun. The reason these are so good for blind tastings, though, is that just like @charliecarroll says, people make assumptions about wine based upon the wine's color. With these, you can't see the color so the "blind" taste is that much more true.