dealswhetstone copper head folding stainless steel…


I've never heard of this company before, ever.


Bought from them last month,was an easy order and I received the item within a week. Based on my first purchase I would order from them again.


Stainless steel?.. ugg.. won't ever hold an edge.
But if you just want this as an emergency knife in a car, go ahead.


@necrom23: What's a better material than stainless steel? I looked up some knives on Amazon from Smith & Wesson, Buck, Gerber, Spyderco, and SOG, and it looks like they use stainless on a lot of their knives. A few different grades, but still stainless.


@strider300: High carbon steel holds an edge better. Stainless is easier to sharpen since it's softer, but it won't hold an edge for that long. It also holds up to the elements much better, which is why survival knives are usually stainless.