dealsthe bourne collection. identity, ultimatum…


Bought all 3 for $15 paid for on my $25 Google Play credit from Nexus 7. Downloading to device now, and hopefully i'll be impressed! Play movies & TV hasn't been too spectacular yet, but I do like Play Music so far, so we'll see!


So, uh, why are we calling out "free shipping" for a digital download?


@spiderweb1986: It is a box to click. Otherwise shipping is assumed....there is not "other" box.


I enjoy these movies and never miss one but (you knew I would have to say "but," didn't you?) I hate how they screwed up the books. Marie was never killed off in the books and she and David/Jason had a couple of kids as the series went on. In fact, it was threats to his family that served as Bourne's motivation for the rest of the series. I got REALLY angry when they killed Marie off in the second movie.

(Lord! When did I turn into that person?)


LOL that's hilarious....i feel exactly the same way about killing off Marie AND when did I become that person....