dealssteam summer sale 2012, day 8


Addendum: If you're buying Fallout: New Vegas, you should probably buy the Ultimate Edition for $9.99. This includes all of the DLC, which would cost $11.44 even at today's 75% off. A steal for only $5 more.


Ok, seriously. Your thumbnail image for the game is not even part of this bundle. As I said on yesterdays Summer Sale Deal


@miquinn: Actually, I didn't do today's Steam summer sale. This is a different person who also accidentally used the thumbnail from the flash sale.


@ibriian: nono, I know :D You were nice about it. Now I'm just gettin grumpy at @cleverett


@miquinn: Oh, heh. Just making sure was all :)


@miquinn: "Ok, seriously. Your thumbnail image for the game is not even part of this bundle. As I said on yesterdays Summer Sale Deal"

At the time I posted, none of the current images were available. I've asked the mods to change it to the "Indie Bundle VIII" image, if they are able to do so.


Witcher 2 is still almost $20... one of the only games I was targeting this year...


@miquinn: Yes, they did (thanks mods!). However, it's now basically unreadable because it's a wide image that's been crunched down to fit the Woot thumbnail format. It would be nice if Woot would let us provide a URL to a properly formatted image, but that's not currently an option.


@cleverett: I have tattled and asked nicely to mods before on deals of mine and sent them a URL to an image and they have used them before. I just did a quick search for an Indie Bundle image but couldn't find a good one. If you care the least bit, I would try that.


:3 Downvoters care to explain yourselves? or just the classic hit and run


I'm sure people will kill me but The Witcher 2 sucked. Overrated. The same with Fallout: New Vegas (before the DLC). There was never a choice I felt good about. I also did everything around New Vegas and the story got completely screwed up. i was full faction with just about every group until I did one quest after gettign to the casinos and suddenly the NCR hates me? Hours of time wasted...Maybe I was just spoiled with Fallout 3?

However, Amnesia and Alan Wake... GET IT!!
If you like Amnesia also check out Penumbra.
Everyone likes Plants Vs. Zombies.


For Fallout fans, Steam finally (after an hour!) fixed the link on their main page. In addition to the two New Vegas deals, you can also get Fallout 3 GOTY for $4.99. That's not a deal, it's an absolute steal.


@miquinn: I think the kids like to say "haters gotta hate" (or something like that...probably with an "8" in there).

I took your suggestion and had the mods change the image to a stock Steam logo. I didn't know they would do that. Thanks.


Here's some more praise for Amnesia:

I LOVE scary things. I don't care much for campy horror movies or anything, but if it is genuinely scary/terrifying, I am 110% there.

That being said, when played in the dark, by myself, with headphones on, Amnesia is the scariest thing I have ever experienced.

If you are able to immerse yourself in games, and enjoy scary things, it is a no-brainer purchase.


I keep checking this everyday and thinking to myself.....please have Arma on sale please have Arma on sale. Everyday steam continues to bash my hopes of a cheap in to the day Z mod.


@nifongt: I think they had Arma on their flash sales. I am pretty sure I saw it.
There are 3 flash sales every X number of hours.. around 12-15 has been the ones I have seen. Also they have user submitted sales. they let the users vote on 3 games for the next days users sale.


@silverscout: Correction: The Community Deal (the one we get to vote on) is a new deal every 8 hours not just for the "next days users sale". :)


Does this deal make my PC look slow?


How do you have a "Steam Summer Sale" wouldn't that stuff just dissipate in the summertime?