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Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like you can't buy a t-shirt for $6.00 (the price shown on the website) without paying an extra $3.99 for a sticker, whether you want it or not. There's no apparent way to delete the sticker from the cart without deleting the shirt also, and if you get multiple shirts, you are obligated to buy a sticker along with each shirt-- at an extra $3.99 each.

It appears that this deal would more accurately be described as "Available as a Shirt ($6.00) AND Vinyl Decal ($3.99), so, assuming you're only interested in the shirts, really you're paying $9.99 each".

If you can show how to get just the shirt, or multiple shirts WITHOUT the sticker(s), I'd be in for a couple.


This sticker really ties the room together.


@bakonwoot: As I read the description, It shouldn't be working that way. Try calling their customer service number (you should be able to reach a real person!) or see if @thatdailydeal is monitoring things here and can help.


I see the shirt as 3.99 and then there's a price increase for every size selection, $6-8. This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man.


@bakonwoot You CAN get a tshirt without the sticker. It is an additional $6 for a S-XL tshirt (making it $9.99 total), additional $7 for XXL (making it $10.99 total) and additional $8 for 3XL (making it $11.99 total). We have updated the listing to reflect the pricing structure. During checkout, there is a drop down menu to add a Vinyl Decal for $3.99, and then the individual tshirts at the stated prices above (and now in the listing) Sorry for any confusion. For future reference, you can buy almost all our tshirts as decals and vice versa. Decals are $3.99 and tshirts usually start at $9.99 (and then go up based on tshirt size) Hope that helps!