dealspizza hut lovers large pizza, small price for $8…


Just an FYI, says you must order online.


Also, it's only 1-topping.


No matter how cheap they get, their pizza su*cks. I'd rather have a frozen Tombstone.


Add another topping, tax, delivery charge and stuffed crust, my order came to $17.34, NOT including tip. $20 pizza. What happened to pizza being cheap food?


@pleepleus: I absolutely agree with you. A dollar and 1 cent off how cheap this pizza is!! Compared to their 10 dollar any size pizza! Which only goes up to large btw. I give them an A for effort though I really never thought the 10 dollar price would ever go down. Idk why I'm complaining I'm just tired and hot and stuffed because I had Little Caesars Large 1 topping pizza for 5 dollars.


Just pay a dollar more for the 10 dinner box and get breadsticks and cinnastix. Just sayin.


15 years ago there was a Little Caesars down the street and it sucked. LC actually pulled out of the state. Now they're back, and I've tried them twice and they were GOOD.

But the nearest one is 20 miles away. :(