dealsxbox live 12 month gold + $20 xbox gift card…


Not a bad price, was looking for a deal since mine expires in 2 weeks.


@zapp brannigan: same here - lol. I figured since i procrastinated, i was doomed to pay XBL's price (same, but without the 20.00 gift card)

Anyone know if you can still stack years under the new XBL setup?


It's OOS now, but they get 12month codes all the time for $40 over here ->

If I were you guys I'd just wait for more. at a lower price, but this isn't too bad if you'll use the $20 gc.


@corysterrett: ^ This

If you are paying over $40 for your Xbox live sub, it better have just expired and you need it now. There are multiple places that sell 1 year for under $40 if you look.


@goatcrapp: Per Amazon's description and somewhere on Microsoft's website don't remember where (looked it up before i bought two of these last night) they stack up until 36 months, and will work fine with the xbox one.


As of right now, November 1st at 7PM it's in stock.


@decyde: wow. thanks for the "multiple places" recommendation. I googled "multiple places" and did indeed find multiple places. None with $40 subscriptions though :(

All joking aside, you used to be able to find tons of those $40 gold memberships. However, this was during the end of a console cycle and they needed to give deals to keep people interested.

Considering a new console is coming out, I doubt you'll find many deals better than this one listed here.


Can anyone explain the Halo 4 bundle??

Does this mean that I will get:
1- 12 month Xbox live gold
2- Halo 4 download
3- $20 Microsoft gift card

If that is the case why would anyone but the non-bundled version?

Someone please shed some light on this....