dealsstainless steel roll-top bread box, large (17"x11…


I have a breadbox, which really does help keep baked goods fresher, longer.


I need a double-decker bread box.

Because everything is awesome. (And we have a lot of bread when my wife bakes it.)


Keep your bread in the fridge and you wouldn't need breadbox. Freeze fresh bread for longer use and reheat in the toaster oven for "just baked" taste.


I wish this had a latch to lock it. My cat's are jerks in the middle of the night. Not to put the cat in it , just tired of stashing my bread in random places.


I only own things bigger than this item.


@procop: Keeping bread in the fridge can make it go stale faster. Also, you end up with cold, possibly fridge-flavored bread.

I have a lock & lock bread container. Keeps my bread fresh and yummy for insane amounts of time. I'm happy with it, but this here is awfully tempting...


@reb350z: Your cats actually break into unlocked breadboxes? Or is this yet another meme that passed me by? ("I can haz cheezburger bunz", maybe?)