dealsroku hd-xr player for $99.99


Already got mine this morning ... I was waiting for a deal on this Roku with wireless N.


I got into a beta test for this player a while back. The Netflix interface is way superior to the one on the Xbox 360. And recently, they added a UFC channel. I was so excited until I used it. For the last PPV event, I actually had to hook the computer up to the TV and watch it from their website. That's how bad the quality was on the Roku player.

I guess what I'm saying is depending on what you're going to use it for, it's either a great product or a piece of garbage. Good find though.


I'm mainly looking for a good Netflix interface and quality in picture with them. Also possibly trying out the Amazon interface too for renting a few movies.


We have this and love it! Used mainly for netflix. We use Wireless with HDMI connection to 720p tv.


Roku boxes are pretty fantastic. They're the absolute best for watching Netflix since they added the new search interface, which is awesome.

I use mine on a wireless connection (I don't have N, and I'm in a basement!) and i have no problem streaming 720p on a 3Mbs connection.

The other channels are hit and miss, but there's some great stuff out there. The Amazon video channel is a bit of a ripoff, but if you follow @AmazonVideo on Twitter they frequently have deals advertised. Revision3 also has some quality programming. Pandora runs on everything, so that isn't really a feature anymore. Mediafly and TWiT are both not terrible.

The Netflix alone is worth it though. I just bought one for my gf, mostly so I don't have to spend evening's away from mine..err...I mean because she deserves it (I think she reads deals.woot as much as I do, so lets see if this ruins the surprise...)


Is Hulu Plus coming to the Roku player? Roku + Hulu Plus = goodbye Comcast!


How does this Netflix interface compare to the interface used with PS3?


@jamesjl: Now its pretty close to the same interface since they updated it. It used to be you could only get to what is in your queue, but now you can search and view recently added to Netflix titles on the Roku.

Between the Roku, and my laptops HDMI output for Hulu, I already cancelled Directv back in December and have never looked back.


Wish it was goodbye comcast. To bad comcast owns Hulu now :(


Now I'm considering a WD HDtv plus unit. Has the netflix, plus you can stream everything from your pc to tv too.