dealsled bulbs from google and f.i.r.s.t. (cree leds…


4.95 shipping kills the 4.50 discount

good deal if you're getting more than 1

I'm just wanting to sample 1


I bought these bulbs when a deal was last offered here. I love them. Even though it says "do not use in an enclosed fixture" I had to break this rule. All of my fixtures are enclosed. I believe it's because these bulbs won't last as long because they won't be operating under optimal temperatures.

Furthermore, I couldn't afford to get too many of these last time, so I installed just one per enclosure. I know that this will probably shorten the life of my bulbs exponentially because they each have to coexist with normal "hot" bulbs, but I plan to rectify this now.

All of this aside, just about all of my regular bulbs and CFLs have gone out at least one each since then while these LED bulbs are still going strong. My biggest complaint about light bulbs aren't their energy usage, but the amount of time I have to spend replacing them. I am certain that once I am able to replace all of my bulbs with these LED bulbs, I'll rarely have to replace bulbs.


I used to be a F.I.R.S.T. Robotics councilor, I can assure you this is supporting a fantastic program.


These are 60W equivalent bulbs, and they consume 7W.

Light output is 450 Lumens.

NO mercury, NO lead, NO special disposal requirements.

Average life 10,000 hours.

Lasts 9.1 years with normal use.


@ilbestos: You copied my comment from word for word. I'm now doubting that you actually were one and are now just looking for upvotes.


As someone who ACTUALLY actually used to be a F.I.R.S.T Robotics councilor, this is, indeed, going to a good cause.


@zippolight2002: I am slightly offended by the fact that you doubt that I was a F.I.R.S.T. councilor. My team, at the time, made it to the world-championships in Atlanta!

I wish I could afford to do it again, but it just takes so much time and I don't want to half-a** it..

I bought 30 of these last time this deal was up, and am thinking of buying a few more now. These makes great gifts. I might have seen your comment back then but I did not intend to "steal" it from you. If there are similarities in our comments I apologize.


Just bought 2. I hope they are as good as everyone says. I forget what 450 lumens looks like.


You two should fight it out but do it with robots! But seriously, As a former pretend F.I.R.S.T. Robotics councilor, I can also assure you this is supporting a fantastic program.


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@rileyper: Thank you for this comment, we have changed our package-sizes to optimally fit into the boxes, you can now order 1,4,8,12 or 30 bulbs.
The 4-bulb package ships for $4.95, same as the 1 bulb package in addition to each bulb being cheaper.


I was able to buy these the last time also. The bulbs are good they do not give the full 60watt light but they are close. Also these bulbs are NOT dimmable. Overall they are not a bad choice.


If you need more background on the FIRST organization, you can go to , but it was started by Dean Kamen, the engineer/inventor behind the Segway and a lot of other (possibly more useful but lesser known) devices like a drug infusion pump, specialized electric wheelchair technology, some awesome prosthetics designed for combat vets, the first portable (I think) dialysis machine, etc. He was concerned that kids did not feel empowered to seek careers in science and engineering.

-- I'm not connected with Kamen or FIRST, just paid attention when he came to UTA to give a speech a while back :)


@greenshopping: These are NOT 60W equivalent bulbs.

Incandescent60w ~ 840 lumens

This bulb is 450 Lumens, almost half of a 60W incandescent.

That said, if you can deal with less light and/or are putting these in a multi-bulb fixture, they may be for you.


I have tried to light my home with LED's and was not satisfied with the amount of light produced per bulb and could not sufficiently light any room without having to change my single light fixtures to multiple light fixtures (min 3) to accommodate the additional bulbs needed to effectively light a room. I also found that the lumen specifications were exaggerated and more bulbs were required. I went back to CFL's for the time being and have used the same CFL's throughout my home for the past three years without having to replace even one.

100 watt equivalence:

$59 for 1800 Lumens (4 x 7 watt 450 Lumen bulbs) using 28 watts of electricity using LED's plus the cost of changing light fixtures if needed.


$1-2 for 1600 Lumens (1 x 23 watt 1600 Lumen bulb) using 23 watts of electricity using CFL's?

When LED tech advances and their lumen output per watt increases (regardless of cost) I will consider it again but until then I will continue to save our money and electricity with CFL's.


@tyler4man: What 450 lumens looks like? Well a 13 watt (60 watt equivalent) CFL produces 900 lumens so if these specs aren't exaggerated then it would look like half of that.


@greenshopping: You said earlier that these were like 60 watt bulbs and the new link you gave us shows your 450 lumen bulb as a 40 watt equivelcy. Were you drastically stretching the truth before to sell these as 60 watt replacements?


@stevedog1: No, if you notice, the bulbs in the new link are omni-directional, so the light goes in all directions and as such the same 'lumens' output is not the same effective equivalency.

The non dimmable 7W 450 Lumens bulbs that are in this thread are like most other LED bulbs and are directional (as opposed to omni-directional).

Effectively, the directional 450 lumens will provide MORE light than an omni-directional CFL that outputs 900 lumens if installed in a regular housing (one where the light only goes out in one direction).

@tyler4man this applies to your question as well.

Either way, In both cases I am quoting the manufacturer, and whatever I claim is also claimed on the product's box. So I'm not stretching any truths. One could say that the LED industry is somewhat confusing though.

Omni-directional LED bulbs are rare, so the "standard" in LED is that 450Lumens = 60W. The bulbs in the new link quote 450 as a 40W just like the CFL standard of comparison.


@sdanrich: see the reply above, it talks about why directional-LED 450 lumens = 60W


what's the light quality (bright white, warm white)?



So let's get this straight.

According to your explanation, these are only 60 watt equivalent into the area they are directed in? Like a spot light? What about the area surrounding it? How much light goes there effectively? 20 watts? 10 watts? How do you light a room with a 450 lumen ~ 60 watt directional light? Aim one at each part of the room? 5 bulbs a room?

And if the omni directional ones give out even less light (because it disperses) for the same 450 lumen then how are they better? $20 for a 40 watt (maybe) bulb? Should i need more than 5 a room? Large kitchen, 10 bulbs?

And how is that a "standard"? A 60 watt CFL emits ~900 lumens (omni directional) so how would this 450 lumen (directional) even come close to a "real" standard 60 watt bulb?

Yup, I'm sold. Gonna go throw away all of my $1 900 lumen (everywhere light) 13 watt CFL's now, and then go to the bank and get a loan for these. Hope the interest rates on personal loans are good.


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@stevedog1: Listen, the directionality is 180 degrees, not like a spot. I used to have 75w bulbs in a ceiling-fan fixture, the 450 lumen directional led bulb lights the room much better!