dealsgorilla rack® 34w x 14d x 72h 5 shelf shelving…


A very good rack for the (sale) price. However, if you are expecting something as solid as the 18x36 Gorilla rack, you will be disappointed. This one is made of a much thinner metal and can be bent if not careful.


Good price and great replacement for saggy plastic shelving. The particle board shelves do not like to get wet, and expand like a dehydrated sponge if spilled on.


I bought these racks from Ace a few years ago when they came up on Woot and I love them. They look great and are surprisingly sturdy if they are used as intended. The metal holds up very well for load bearing, however you can bend the metal if you try, so as long as you are putting heavy things on the self and not tackling someone into the side of them, you are good to go.


Gorrila Rack is an amazing company and I love their products. This particular one is surprisingly strong, but the metal can bend if you aren't careful during assembly. I have a much bigger shelving unit as well that requires four plastic corner pieces to stack one on top of the other. I lost one when I move, so I called the company up and asked if I could purchase any separately. They just gave me four free after we figured out exactly what part I was looking for! I was fully willing to pay, but their customer service is just awesome! I would highly recommend any product they sell!


I've had a pair of these for the last two years, they're great general storage. Last year I pulled out a can of black primer, and covered one set of particleboard shelves. Makes them look 3x more expensive, and helps prevent the boards from swelling (I moved it into my kitchen for pantry storage).


I bought these two months ago and let me tell u it takes two people to put together.


Excellent! Just picked up 4, needed some shelving for our new store, this is perfect!