dealswd-40 11 oz smart straw for $3.50


In an aerosol can it may only be able to ship via ground; so store pickup may also be the fastest way to get it.


Is this deal available in-store? I have a $1 manufacturer coupon I'd like to use.


@cgl1: I think it would be $4.16 in the store, but I'm not 100% sure (it could be higher). I believe the price here is a special online only 15% off of the normal sale price, which is listed at $4.16. It isn't totally clear from what I could see what the price would be in the store.


These smart straw cans are worse than the classic straw cans. Constantly leaking regardless of which setting you've chosen. Terrible product. I wish they still came with the small red straws instead.


WD-40 saved my marriage. Get some of this stuff!


@jesterfx: ... How did WD-40 save your marriage, if you don't mind sharing?