dealsjim gaffigan - mr. universe for $5.00 + freeā€¦


I really enjoy Jim Gaffgan's humor. He and Brain Regan can make people laugh and keep it clean. A rare thing for comedians these days. I'm downloading!


just purchased, smooth transaction and very funny.


right now the top deal is Jim Gaffigan with Mr Universe
and #2 is Arnold Schwartzenegger in Running Man.
talk about your title switches!


I REALLY hope that this distribution method catches on and we see more artists using it. You might want to also check out the Louis C.K. special that was distributed this way. Very funny, and he does a lot for charity.


just a note of caution when downloading either this or the Louis CK ones. For your $5 Purchase you get to download the title either 3,or 4 times. If you use a download accelerator (IE: something like "down them all!" in Firefox) it uses all your available slots for that one d/l...


Sorry, guys and gals, but Jim Gaffigan SUCKS. NOT funny.


@crethwilm: I never heard of the guy, but I'm watching the teaser trailer on his web site and he's funny.


@haloman800: I musta been asleep when I posted that. Thanks for the correction!