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If you're OK with buying parts 1 and 2 separately it's $42.98 for blu-ray and $38.48 for DVD and ships now, a savings of $17.01 and $16.51 respectively.

Blu Ray Part 1: Part 2:

DVD Part 1: Part 2:


@tom84: Except the separate parts do not have all the features of the complete set. They do not have the Doctor Who Confidentials on them, and you still have to add the Christmas special to the list, as that is included in the box set.


@bkreft: That was my reasoning for not posting the way @tom84 mentioned. There were missing features, so I posted the full set deciding it was the better deal


@bkreft: Oops, hadn't read the reviews on Amazon to see that it doesn't even include commentary. Lamesauce.


One note of sadness I'd like to add after much review, is that this does not include Doctor Who at the Proms 2010. Neither does Series 5. is where I found out.

Relevant reviews: (Christmas Special) (Series 6)