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Out of stock, but says they can ship Oct. 1.


I love Donnie Darko and I've seen it a million times but I only watched the Director's cut once and that was one time too many. My advice, stick with the theatrical cut on this one.


Love this movie. Don't care if it doesn't ship til' October. For $5? No brainer.


@silveri: This, this, 1000 times THIS. The writer/director really got off his leash when given a free reighn and a budget for F/X. Sucked all the mystery right ou of the film. and du,ned it way down in the process. i dont know anyone who has seen both cuts and prefers this one. I woldnt but it if it were 50¢.


Awesome deal and free shipping to boot, will be a nice surprise in my mailbox in Oct.


You know it really wasn't THAT great of a movie. I mean it was good, yes but to me the soundtrack is the highlight but some people's obession with the movies makes me question their motives.


@silveri: I'm torn on that. The director's cut explained the theory behind time travel a lot better and I liked those little snippets from the book. But one of the reasons I really loved the movie in the first place was the vague ending, which the directors cut changed.

...So yeah. I guess it's worth seeing at least once, but I didn't dislike it.

That being said, I'm wondering how much new stuff this has. I know the old BD had the two versions on blu-ray, and then the same DVD from the old special edition. If this is just that with a digital copy and a DVD of the movie...I can pass.

EDIT: Yep, that looks like what it is. Still a fantastic deal if you don't already have the movie on BD


Note that the original DVD release that was $5-$10 had all of the 45 minutes or so of deleted scenes omitted from the theatrical release. So even though the movie is better with the mystery in tact, a viewer could still watch everything originally filmed, albeit out of order.


In for one even though it's directors cut.


Everyone complaining about the director's cut, note that this Blu-ray includes BOTH versions of the movie!


What if Donnie really did need to move himself forward on the fear/love line in order to progress beyond death, but being a rebellious teenager he interprets the messenger as a pedo (ala holden caufield) and instead is presented with this alternate method to move him along? By choosing to go back and subject himself to death in order to save gretchen, he forwards himself to the love side of the fear/love line and thus progresses out of purgatory. This might mean that the opening of the movie, with Donnie Darko on his bike looking out on the dawn with that inexplicable smile, is actually the end: him moving on. Sparkle Motion!


Boo for delays!

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