dealsthe sopranos: the complete first season…


Tony will be missed.. so sad.

*Creepy Question -- wasn't there a dream sequence where Tony dreamt he went to Italy and had a heart attack?? I thought I remembered something like that. Anyone know what episode that was, or if my brain just made this up?


Stupid autocorrect. Clearly did not mean to call him Mr. MANDOLIN in the description. Sorry about that.


I was just thinking about how I've never seen an episode of The Sopranos. I've heard nothing but great about it, but I think I'd like to pick up the complete set than one season at a time. I'm sure it'll come eventually...


I remember when it first came out. The buzz about it talked about the humor of a ruthless mob boss going to a therapist. Thinking it was a light hearted show, I watched it. BOY was I surprised. Didn't watch it again until a couple of years ago. THEN, I blew through the whole series in about a month! He was a great actor, and was WAY too young! R.I.P...