dealssport bikini in small to 2x for $59.99 + freeā€¦


worst. deal. ever.

same item is $9.99 + free shipping at MeritLine.
learn to internet.


@angerbender: That's rather interesting that they are using the same image. But Meritline is not normally known for selling quality items such as this.
On their site, they don't list the manufacturer or even give you a choice of sizes.
I would imagine this is certainly a case of "buyer beware".


@angerbender: Meritline certainly does NOT sell this bikini. I have reported this fraudulent use of the Ujena image and Meritline will be getting a cease-and-desist if not other legal action.


@angerbender: huh perhaps you should learn to internet, and perhaps even learn how use the English language.


Hey @angerbender: Thanks for assisting in discovering Fraudulent Advertising.. Hope you don't normally purchase things from them...
Post some more of those links when you think they have a better price so that the truth may come out..


@ohcheri: Also interesting that every pic in their list has the model's face pixelated.. Are they overly concerned with the privacy of professional models' publicly posted pics, or hoping to hinder image comparisons?


@hobbitss: I order from MeritLine every week. I have never received anything except exactly what was pictured and described. Some stuff is cheap, some stuff is OEM, some is unbranded OEM. I didn't know anything about Ujena, but I see they claim to be made in the USA. That's always nice to see. I just assumed Meritline was selling them directly from the Chinese factory.


I'd like to uncover everything and make it a permanent yellow and black...if you know what I mean


@ohcheri: Post your email. Or PM me on the main woot! site. There are many other sites claiming to sell this same suit for cheap. If it is counterfeit merchandise, I can forward the sites to you.


My credit card was compromised about 4 years ago after a couple of Meritline purchases. I stay far, far away from them now.


@angerbender: The goods are not counterfeit, they are just using a stolen image. If they were using the Ujena brand name it would be a problem and I have already contacted the owners of Ujena.

Ujena is manufactured in Mountain View, CA. and anyone can go to their factory and see the process.


They are not using the Ujena name to advertise their products, they are just using stolen images and words from the Ujena page. Unscrupulous but pretty much impossible to prosecute. (Sounds like our politicians, lol.)


whi the down vote, I think I'm quite funny